'Through our Care for the Community and our worship

                            together we help people get to know Jesus'

Our Values...


Jesus Is The Focus Of Our Lives

We meet together because of Jesus’ love for us and through Him we have a relationship with God and with each other.

We Believe That Jesus Is Real, Relevant And True To Life

In order to make sense to others we need to show how faith in God has a real connection to everyday life.


Loving Relationships Are Vitally Important

Together we are committed to developing genuine, positive relationships. This requires the commitment and hard work of all but is worth the effort.


We Try To Be Like A Family

Different types of people belong to our church family. All are equally important and bring something to it. 


We Seek to Accept And Welcome Everyone

Jesus did not turn away, exclude or reject anyone and we endeavor to do the same.


We Aim To Create A Place Of Safety

We believe that everyone needs to feel secure in order to be at their best. God provides this through the church family.


We Believe Everyone Has Something To Contribute

Everyone has God given skills and abilities and they can be used by Him to help others. All are welcome to participate and we hope they will get involved.


We Are Committed To The Development Of People

People are created as unique. We want everyone to develop personally and spiritually and aim to give them the encouragement and support. 


The Church Is Committed To The Estate

We are committed to the development of the lives of local people, working with others to encourage positive change.


The Church Is Committed To The Wider Community

We believe God loves and is working among the people of Thetford and wants the best for them. 


Living for Jesus

Loving People

Working with the community

Helping each other grow

Working together as a team

​OUR vision...













"Stepping Stones"

The Aim

We aim to provide stepping stones which help make peoples' lives better, the community in which they live better and their experience of church better. Ultimately, we aim to help people get to know God better.

The People

As we are situated on the Barnham Cross Estate in Thetford, the people we serve and work with mainly live on this estate. We particularly have a heart for those who are socially disadvantaged in some way. As our estate has many families, children and youth we intend to channel our resources into these areas.               

The Stepping Stones

# 1. Contacting. As we seek to raise the profile of the church we want people to know who we are and be positive about us being here.

# 2. Coming. When people come to things at the church we want their experience of us to create a desire in them to come back again.

# 3. Caring. When people keep coming back we want them to feel that they have a special place here - whoever they are.

# 4. Belonging. Soon we want people to feel they are a part of what goes on. No longer 'your' church but 'my' church.

# 5. Believing. For those people who want to explore and follow the Christian Faith we'll provide opportunities to do so.

# 6. Discipling. Together we want to encourage and help one another live a life like Jesus

The Vision

As a church we aim to get better at providing these stepping stones. Here are few ways in which we hope to do this.

         Evaluate how we follow up pastoral needs

Consider partnering with a like-minded church

Employ a part-time children's and family worker

 Create a reception room

If you require further details of the vision document please contact the church office.

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